The Julian Music Festival is pleased to announce that the Julian-based California Wolf Center (CWC) has been named the 2017 festival’s official beneficiary for the third consecutive year.

Wolves once roamed North America in countless numbers, but were hunted nearly to extinction in the lower 48 United States. Today in the U.S., the iconic melody of a howling wolf pack is heard in only a handful of states, as wolves have been exterminated from a vast majority of their original range.

The CWC is working to bring wild wolves back to suitable habitats and ensure successful coexistence through their conservation, education and research initiatives. The only wolf center dedicated to wolf recovery in the wild in California, the CWC is a leader in the state’s wolf recolonization efforts.  The organization also plays an integral role in Mexican gray wolf recovery as a breeding and host center.

Learn more about the CWC here, visit the Center, make a tax-deductible donation or stop by their booth at the festival.

Let’s work together to ensure that these magnificent creatures have a voice and a future.