2018 Performers

Bree Jones Band (1 p.m.)
Hailing from the San Diego Backcountry, the Bree Jones Band is a beat-driven, guitar- infused blend of improvisation and folk/blues coupled with haunting melodies and engaging harmonies. 21414935_485592085138502_4533837872120300463_o-2

Donn Bree brings strong vocals and songwriting finesse to the mix, coupled with a powerful rhythm guitar. Michelle holds down the traditional kick/snare of a drum kit on a beautiful sounding cajon (beat box) while Mr Joe Sheehan accentuates the heartbeat  Michelle provides with  a variety of percussion instruments from shaker to vibraslap. With a masters degree in classical guitar, Billy Jones plays a combination of bass and lead guitar – on the same instrument and often at the same time.

Lace (2:30 p.m.)
Weaving music together like finely knit lace…Lace photo

These two performers interlace harmonies of traditional Irish, Scottish, and Appalachian roots, as well as original songs recapturing the stories and sounds of the past.

Heloise Love, whose vocals have been described as tender, pure and ethereal will provide vocals, guitar and percussion.  Kim Blackwell (vocals, fiddle and banjo) combines  sensitive balladry and energetic fiddling to capture the past and bring it to life.

Trails and Rails (4 p.m.)
You might expect that a group called Trails & Rails would perform cowboy and train
 songs. And so they do! But with their greatly expanded repertoire, you will also Trails and Railshear 20s-30s-40s Swing, and early pop and folk favorites.

The award-winning harmony duo of Walt Richards and Paula Strong will be joined by bass player extraordinaire, Mike Craig, who adds his own amazing embellishments to the mix.

Ryan Dart Trio (5:30 p.m.)
The Ryan Dart Trio are purveyors of a unique brand of straight ahead jazz.
Integrating sounds from Latin and bebop influences, as well as more modern hard bop,  the group’s sound is pure acoustic jazz with a driving and swinging energy. Ryan Dart Trio

Featuring concise solos and trading by jazzmen Ryan Dart (guitar), Blake Armstrong (drums) and Sean Hicke (bass), the group displays animated and unique musical personalities true to the improvisatory spirit of America’s great art form.

Bandleader and guitarist Ryan Dart hails from Ventura California, and had the pleasure of studying with many jazz greats during his time at California Institute of the Arts. He has more than a decade of experience playing wineries, clubs, restaurants, art galleries, weddings, and private events throughout the state.